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Korean BBQ Bao

Nice & easy spicy dish for a cold spring evening! Serves 2 Ingredients 300g tender beef (sirloin) sliced thinly 3tbsp light soy sauce 2tbsp mirin 1tbsp soft brown sugar 3 cloves garlic crushed or finely diced 1tsp gochugaru (Korean Chilli powder) or hot chilli powder 260g plain flour, plus extra for dusting 2tsp caster sugar, plus a small pinch 1/2tsp

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Scottish Cranachan

Scottish Cranachan – Serves 5   Ingredients Butter                                   8g Light muscavado sugar   85g Jumbo oats                         85g Mascarpone                       210g Double cream                    250g Whisky                                 65ml Raspberries                        335g   Method Place the butter, sugar and oats into a saucepan. Stir over a high heat for 4 to 5 minutes, or until toasted and crunchy. Set them aside to cool Place the

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Luxury Chocolate & Orange Yule Log

  Ingredients Chocolate sponge sheet (store bought) Whipping cream               400ml Rosemary sprigs               4g Invert Sugar                        60g Sea Salt                                 2g Dark chocolate                  450g Unsalted butter                15g Olive oil                                75ml Stock syrup                         75ml Cointreau                            20ml Festive decorations   Method Roll the sponge sheet slightly. Combine the stock syrup & Cointreau and pour over the sponge. While the sponge is soaking, make

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Winter Warming Lamb Bhuna

Ingredients 1kg diced shoulder of lamb 75g vegetable oil 75g butter 1 tsp Cumin seeds 2 onions finely chopped 2 small chillies 6 cloves garlic finely chopped 2 green chillies finely chopped 40g root ginger chopped 1 tbsp Garam masala 1tsp turmeric 1tsp Ground cumin 1600g peeled tomatoes 200g chicken stock Method Heat the oil in a heavy based pot

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Viennese Gulasch with Spätzle

Ingredients For the gulasch Lard                            100g Onions, chopped    1.2kg Garlic, grated           4 cloves Tomato paste          1tbsp Sweet paprika         2tbsp Hot paprika              1.5tbsp Caraway seeds        1tsp, crushed Cider vinegar           2tsp Brown sugar            2tsp Salt                             1.5tsp Black pepper Water                        1 litre Shin of beef              1.5kg cut into 3cm pieces   For the spätzle Plain flour                 500g Salt                             2tsp Eggs, beaten            4

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Raspberry Sorbet with Basil Poached Berries and Pistachio Tuille

Ingredients Pistachio Tuille Pistachios        105g Butter              120g Egg white        105g Glucose           90g Poaching syrup Caster sugar    750g Water              650ml Glucose           90g 2-3 stems of basil Selection of mixed berries – raspberries, blackberries etc Raspberry sorbet Mint to garnish Method For the Tuille Blitz the pistachios in a blender Melt the butter and glucose over a medium heat Take off

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Spring Pea Veloute Cannelloni of Sea bass with Seasonal Scottish Shellfish & Langoustine

Ingredients Pea Veloute Onion diced             100g Garlic chopped       1 clove White wine              75ml Chicken stock          300ml Frozen peas             300g Mint                           15g Pasta Semolina                   340g Salt                             2.5g Eggs                            4 Egg yolks                   2 Olive Oil                    5ml Water                        30ml Squid ink                   1 sachet Sea bass Mousse Sea bass                    300g Fish stock     

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Gravadlax – Beetroot Salmon

Ingredients Scottish salmon, trimmed & pin boned, skin on – 2x 1kg Sea salt – 200g Brown sugar – 1505g Lime, zested – 2 Lemon, zested – 2 Crushed coriander seeds – 30g Crushed white peppercorns – 20g Fresh dill, half for marinade, half for finished salmon – 2 large bunches Juniper berries, crushed – 16 Gin – optional Beetroot,

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Mixed bean & fig winter salad

Serves 4 Ingredients For the salad 4 large red peppers Olive oil 150g green beans 2x400g tins of mixed beans, drained and rinsed 80g pitted green olives 2 handfuls of flat leaf parsley, roughly chopped A handful of basil leaved, roughly chopped 120g feta cheese Roasted hazelnuts Dried figs Radishes, thinly sliced For the dressing 2 tbsp extra virgin olive

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Thai Pumpkin Soup

Ingredients 1.5kg pumpkin, peeled and chopped 4tsp oil 1 white onion, sliced 1 tbsp juice from grated ginger 1 lemongrass, bashed 3-4 tbsp Thai red curry paste 400ml coconut milk 850ml chicken stock Lime juice & sugar for seasoning 1 red & 1 green chilli for garnish 100g pumpkin for garnish Cream to garnish Method Heat the oven to 200°C.

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