Terms & Conditions of Booking

Thank you for choosing Big Bite Catering to cater your event. In the interest of transparency, and to ensure your event goes smoothly, please read the Terms and Conditions of Booking below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

1. Initial Quote

The initial quote given for your booking is not the guaranteed final price. We do everything to ensure an accurate quote is given. However if attendee numbers change, or final menu selected differs to the original enquiry we reserve the right to change the quote to reflect this. We will update you if the price does change. We endeavour to ensure all costs are included in your initial quote, and made clear to you. This includes menu choices, staffing costs (including their travel to/from the venue if it is over a 30 minute drive from our base in Caldercruix if staff cost is not included in your menu choice), equipment hire if required, and accommodation for staff if required (depending on travelling time and estimated finishing time of event – for events being held over 2 hours’ drive time from our base in Caldercruix where the staff will be finishing after 12am, overnight accommodation may be required for staff safety and wellbeing. Or if there are any post event catering requirements for the following day)

2. Deposit and booking confirmation

All bookings must be confirmed in writing and include the address of the event, estimated number of attendees and initial menu selection (this can be altered and finessed, but may affect the final price), a contact email address and telephone number of the booker and estimated time of the event.

A non-refundable deposit of 20% of the initial quote is required in order to secure your date. Once these funds have been received and cleared in to our bank account, your date is secured.

3. Menu selection and guest numbers

Menu selection (including any dietary requirements) must be finalised no less than 28 calendar days prior to the event.

Should guest numbers that attend the event be less than had been finalised and invoiced for, we reserve the right to charge for the finalised number ordered.

Should guest numbers that attend the event be higher than were finalised and invoiced for, every effort will be made to cater for extra guests, however we reserve the right to invoice for an ‘additional guest’ charge and cannot guarantee adequate food supplies if the additional number is greater than 5.

4. Payment & Booking Finalisation

Once your final booking is placed, a final invoice will be created. This must be paid no later than 3 weeks prior to your event. Once paid, no refunds can be given should guest numbers reduce prior to the event, or if guests do not attend the event. Failure to pay on time may mean that we will be unable to follow through with your booking.

Should any additional costs be incurred at the event, for example the event running longer than originally planned resulting in further staff costs, you will be invoiced for these after the event. Failure to pay for any extras costs incurred will result in your debt being pursued via small claims court.

5. Cancellation or rescheduling of your event

Should your event be cancelled within 1 calendar month of the event date, there will be no cancellation charge. If the event is cancelled within 15-28 calendar days of the event, a charge of 25% of the remaining balance will be required. If the event is cancelled within 7-14 calendar days of the event, a charge of 50% of the remaining balance will be required. If your event is cancelled less than 7 days prior to the event date, we reserve the right to request payment of the full remaining balance. This is in order to cover stock purchased, and staff time for preparation as well as any contracts we may have entered into for catering equipment hire – crockery, linen, glasses etc.

Should you require to reschedule your event, we will make every effort to accommodate your new date. However, we cannot guarantee availability of dates at short notice and may still need to recover some costs if a request to reschedule is within 14 days of the event.

If we are unable to accommodate your new date, the cancellation charges noted above will apply.

6. Food intolerances, food allergies and dietary requirements

Big Bite Catering cannot guarantee an allergen free environment. Our kitchen handles nuts, gluten, fish and other allergens regularly. Every effort is made to ensure a freshly cleaned

working environment when catering for food allergies, but Big Bite Catering do not accept responsibility for allergic reactions suffered.

For food intolerances and specialised diets such as Vegan, Halal, Kosher etc, we make every effort to cater well for these. Again, we cannot guarantee an environment completely free from animal products but make every effort to operate in a freshly cleaned environment when catering for food intolerances and specialised diets.

7. Force Majeure

Big Bite Catering shall incur no liability to the client if the event is prevented or hindered due to events out with the control of Big Bite Catering. This includes, but is not limited to, Acts of God (fire, flood, earthquake, severe snow, hurricane or other natural disaster) sabotage, accident, subsidence, strike, failure of venue machinery due to negligence, war and the outbreak of hostilities.